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Edge to Edge (Pantograph): A single pattern is used on the entire quilt top including the borders. A wide variety of designs are available to compliment your quilt’s design and your vision.
$0.015 per square inch              Level 1 (basic density)
$0.017 per square inch              Level 2 (medium density)
$0.020 per square inch              Level 3 (high density)

Custom quilting is any design or combination of designs that are not edge to edge. Prices vary based on the density and complexity of the designs and the number of thread changes.
Basic custom                 $0.045 per square inch
Heirloom quilting          $0.085 per square inch

Minimum charge is $35.00

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The full line of Quilter’s Dream Batting is available for your quilting needs. In stock is poly select loft in both white and black, 70/30 poly cotton blend, and wool


Primarily Glide thread is used with over 200 colors to choose from. Also in stock are variegated threads in a variety of colorways.

Binding Services

Partially bound $.15 per linear inch

Binding is sewn to the front ready for customer to turn to the back and hand stitch. Binding is provided by customer and can be cut to either 2 ¼ or 2 ½ inch widths (folded in half lengthwise)

Machine bound $0.20 per linear inch

Binding (provided by customer) is sewn to the back and then turned to the front and machine sewn fast. Corners are mitered.
Fullness Disclaimer
While we all strive for the perfectly flat quilt, reality is sometimes different. I strive to ease in fullness while quilting; however, I cannot guarantee that there will not be puckers and tucks occasionally. Borders are particularly tricky! I strive to maintain the visual impact of your quilt when coaxing out those little quirks.

Mechanical Disclaimer
While I do the utmost to ensure that my equipment is in top working order, on rare occasions mechanical issues can occur which may cause minor damage to a quilt top or backing.